Deep Inhale

"We rock the house like rock 'n roll, got more soul than a sock with a hole." -Madvillain, Rhinestone Cowboy

Amber Run - I Found Ft. London Contemporary Voices

Happy birthday beautiful. I did what I could to be an artist on this one. Good thing my ability to draw cats has dramatically improved since we met, for obvious reasons.
Don’t laugh though this took me a lot longer to draw than you’d expect. I figured if i colored it I would risk ruining it so I decided to leave it black and white. That also lets me post it on here(;
I hope your day is perfect and that you do your best to enjoy yourself while I’m at school cause you’re stuck with me when I get back(;
As always I miss you and love you to death. I’ll be home in just over a week, love.
P.S. we should go to PetSmart and see the kittens when I get back
Photo credit: [a-forever-young-fan]
(Photo: Bobby Faerber)

Mr. Bob Dylan taking a break in the studio during recording sessions for his 1965 album “Bringing It All Back Home”.